September 28, 2015

Miraflores, described on an article in the Huffington Post as the “the perfect beginning to your Limanian adventure” is the district most frequently visited by foreign tourists who visit our city for tourism or business.

In Miraflores, you will be able to enjoy its nature going by her beautiful breakwater, approximately 5 km (3 miles) long, by foot, by bike or the bravest ones can dare to go paragliding over it.

Two blocks from Kennedy Park (behind the end of Arequipa Avenue), you will find Peruvian handicrafts from different corners of our country. If you won’t be able to buy crafts in its place of origin, this is the best place to buy them.

And for everyone: in Miraflores you will find a large variety of options to try our delicious and diverse peruvian cuisine. Depending on your taste and budget, our Concierge can suggest alternatives that best suit what you are looking for.