Kennedy Park, one of the attractions close to Hotels in Miraflores

January 31, 2016

Upon choosing a hotel, this accommodation will turn out to be more appealing if it’s located close to iconic places in the town you’re visiting. Upon staying in one of the hotels in Miraflores, such as the Arawi Lima Miraflores Hotel, it’s possible to get to see attractions such as the Kennedy Park, a public place just a few minutes away.

A little bit of history

Kennedy Park is also known as the Miraflores Central Park and it includes what was known as the Kennedy Park 80 years ago and 7 de junio (June 7th) Park, named after the National Flag Day.

An open place to display talent

A visit to Kennedy Park does not only offer the traveler the chance to enjoy a peaceful time in an iconic environment in Miraflores but also to appreciate the art on display there.

Within the park, it’s located the “Painter’s Park”, a spot destined to let painters, sculptors and other artists to show off their incredible gifts.

The perfect place to take travel memories with you

Travel memories are a must after visiting anywhere in the world. In Kennedy Park, there’s a “craftsmen circle”, where the visitor can get different original craftsmanship pieces, without a question impressive work to give to friends and family who stayed at home.

The perfect spot for you to try typical snacks.

Very often during a journey, there’s no chance to try one of the many traditional snacks from the town you’re visiting; upon visiting the Kennedy Park, it is possible to try some of the fine Peruvian gastronomy, since in there, you will be able to find several food carts.

The carts are known as the famous “carretillas”, where it’s possible to try traditional desserts such as the “mazamorra morada con arroz con leche” or typical sandwiches like the “butifarras” made with National ham.

Kennedy Park is a tourist attraction you cannot miss if you’re staying in a hotel in Miraflores. Arawi Lima Miraflores Hotel is located only 4 minutes away from this iconic park in Miraflores and only 7 minutes by foot.

During your walk around the park, you cannot miss the chance to visit the Chabuca Grande amphitheater, a space destined to the display of art and cultural activities that will cheer up the traveler’s visit.