Arawi Pastoruri Hotel, the right one for different kinds of travel

January 31, 2016

Ancash has many tourist attractions for different kinds of travelers and that is because this Peruvian region has spectacular natural and archaeological landscapes to impress any visitor. One of the iconic Ancash attractions is the Snowy Peak Pastoruri located within the Huascaran National Park.

Given there are different traveler profiles, there must a hotel willing to satisfy the needs of all of them, the best choice among hotels in Huaraz is the Arawi Pastoruri, get to know some of the features that make this hotel one of the favorite among travelers.

The right hotel for families

Arawi Pastoruri is the ideal hotel for family journeys to Ancash-Huaraz. It has rooms equipped for families with up to 4 members.

Guests who have had the chance to travel with their families and stay in Arawi Pastoruri agree that apart from the facilities, what they liked the most about the hotel is the excellent treatment from the staff willing to fulfill every need that could come up during a family trip.

Excellent accommodation for couples

Travelling with your partner allows you to turn up the heat and strengthen bonds, and what’s a better way to do so than in a cozy hotel overlooking the snowy peaks? Couples who have had the chance to stay in the Arawi Pastoruri Hotel recommend the upper floors to get an spectacular view of the snowy summits and take home the best memories from Ancash.

If you’re unable to find rooms in the upper floors available, it’s also possible to go to the hotel’s viewing point, located on the ninth floor, from where you can get a privileged view of town and the Huascaran National Park.

The best choice for business travel

When travelling on business, the most important thing is to have a pleasant place to return to after a long day at work; those who have visited the hotel agree that Arawi Pastoruri can offer this and much more.

The hotel’s location allows us to provide the guest with quiet environments suitable to rest and stare at natural landscapes from its viewing point. Also, Arawi has 2 conference rooms designed to carry out meetings and events.

Whether you’re travelling with family, your partner or a business trip or by yourself, the Arawi Pastoruri hotel has what it takes to provide the guest with a pleasant stay. Sleep quality, excellent location and the best service are some of the key features of this hotel in Huaraz.